Call Email Subscribers to Action with Video Content

Video content may become a major component in future email marketing campaigns

I recently read an article about video’s place in present and future marketing campaigns. There’s no doubt that video has a bright future.

If you look at current stats, there are over 61 million people consuming video content on mobile devices. By 2016 this number is expected to be over 110 million. In other words, over a third of the US population will be consuming video content on mobile devices in the not-so-distant future.

As many already know, the majority of mobile users sort through their email inbox on the go before reading the content on a PC. If the email doesn’t meet expectations on mobile, there’s a 75 percent chance that the brand will be looked at negatively.

Since mobile users are paying attention to email and video content on their devices, it’s time to consider how to combine the two for maximum effectiveness.

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Five tips for using video in email campaigns

The article I read recently stressed problems with calls to action with video. However, there are ways to create calls to action even while using video content. Here are a few tips for using video in email campaigns.

Tip #1 for using video in email campaigns – House the video content in an appropriate location. If you have enough space in your content management system, you can put your video content there. If not, loading your video content onto YouTube is a viable strategy.

Tip #2 for using video in email campaigns – Add a call to action. If the video content is going on your website, you can make it clickable. In the video you can add language like “click on the video to register” and have the link go directly to a landing page for the aligned content.

Tip #3 for using video in email campaigns – Include a transcript of your video’s content. Adding keyword phrases into your transcript will help with SEO since Google does not crawl video content.

Tip #4 for using video in email campaigns – Insert images of video content into email campaigns. Since adding video content directly into email campaigns isn’t a possibility due to size restraints, you should create an image depicting the video and make it clickable for your email audience. Insert a “click here” button to call your subscribers into action.

Tip #5 for using video in email campaigns – Brand with your video content. If you’re inserting your video into YouTube, make sure to incorporate links back to your website in the video description and in the video itself if possible.

Have you turned video content into a central part of your email campaigns? Please share your experiences with the community.


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