Do You Know Why Penguin Penalized Websites?

Knowing how Google operates is the first step in using them as a content partner for your audience development efforts

Before converting website visitors into email subscribers, you need to attract them to your site with white hat SEO strategies.

Many of these strategies are developing further with Google’s algorithmic changes. For instance, Google Penguin has made website operators really focus on their link building and content activities.

Some of the activities that have led to penalties aren’t always related directly to the standard concept of SEO. Nor do they all seem fair in the areas of many publishers and SEOs. However, as we’ve come to learn, even slight mistakes on your website can lead to negative results, and if we want to play nicely with Google, we have to convert to their way of thinking.

Here’s a few areas where Penguin targeted:

-Websites containing spam

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-Websites with unnatural linking strategies (this includes linking to websites with spam, cross linking primarily to sites you own or within your domain, etc.)

-Over-optimization and keyword stuffing

-Thin content and an excess of affiliate advertising

From an array of blog comments it seems that more and more website owners are becoming infuriated with the changes that take place at the hands of Google. However, what we have to continue to remember is that Google decides whom it will support in search, and whom it won’t. We hope they choose the best content and reward those publishers for supplying it, but it isn’t a guarantee.

What is clear are the penalties associated with Penguin and strategies to avoid them. If you want to learn how to use white hat SEO in conjunction with activities Google is accepting of, join us tomorrow for the Playing Nice with Google Penguin webinar. This 90-minute program will focus on the areas that websites have been penalized for, and audits that you can do within your site to make sure you’re abiding by Google’s parameters.

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