Do You Want A Few Thousand New Email Subscribers This Month?

SEO Campaign Management is a low risk, high reward route using freemiums to build email circulation

SEO Campaign Goal – Write landing pages that tell Google to send you lots of traffic for your targeted keywords — the key driver for every online publishing business.

SEO Campaign Management Step #1 – Use our proven method for researching and choosing the right keywords and phrases. It’s not guesswork when you use this strategy.

SEO Campaign Management Step #2 – Use the Google Keyword Competitive Index (KCI) to determine the relationship of demand to competition. Virtually no one else teaches you how to do an analysis of your competition. Now you can target keyword phrases with precision.

SEO Campaign Management Step #3 – Identify the most popular keywords and phrases that web surfers use to find information about your niche topics and rank them in order of importance.

SEO Campaign Management Step #4 – Offer a freemium with a keyword-rich, search-optimized, rapid conversion landing page that Google will index and send lots of traffic. The page should be based on as many as 20 keywords.

SEO Campaign Management Step #5 – Motivate your professional colleagues to recommend your free report and link to your offer, resulting in a higher Google page rank.

SEO Campaign Management Step #6 – Monitor and measure your SEO campaign for maximum results.

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As an example, we recently had a client report that they released two freemiums in three weeks. Together, these two freemiums resulted in 6200 new email subscribers during that short period of time.

How do we know that they’ve done their job with SEO campaign management? They reported that their five pre-existing eBooks have only been downloaded a combined total of 2100 times. The difference? These two new ones have search engine optimized landing pages and the other five do not.

So, do want a few thousand new email subscribers this month?  Use SEO Campaign Management to increase visibility and traffic to your website’s landing page and potentially bring you thousands of new email subscribers.


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