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Email Marketers Shift Focus on How They Share Links

More retail marketers are directing audience members to their social networks

Do you incorporate the “forward-to-a-friend” option in your email newsletters?

If so, how has it worked for you? Do you track in Google Analytics when new converted members come from the forward-to-a-friend option?

According to a new study from Responsys, some email marketing practices are changing for email marketers in 2011.

Community links

Community links have changed the most since 2009. Back then, 30% of online retailers used them in promotional emails. That number rose drastically in 2010 to 75%. Today, 88% of US online retailers are using community links in their emails. These links send audience members to social media pages for further engagement opportunities.

Forward to a friend

In 2009, forward to a friend was used by 48% of online retailers. This number has consistently dropped over the past two years to reach 41% in 2011.

Share with your network

The option to share with your network increased since 2009, but slightly dipped between 2010 and 2011, to currently reside at 25%.

According to an article from eMarketer that covered the report, “A Facebook and Twitter presence has simply become standard; among the retailers linking to social media within emails, 100% directed to Facebook and 84% to Twitter.”

Improving upon email marketing campaigns

The eMarketer article also cited data from Internet Retailer on tactics email marketers are using for better email marketing campaigns.

At the top of the list was “Acquiring email addresses to grow lists at every point of contact, including in-store, call center and social networks with 44.6% of marketers using it.

“Adjusting the mix of graphics and content” placed second with 41.1% utilizing this tactic.

Tied at third were “Triggering email marketing messages based on behaviors or events” and “Increasing the use of segmenting”, both with 39.3%.

The use of a “Share This” button for directing users to social networks was reportedly used by 32.1% of email marketers and the forward to a friend link was used by 25% of email marketers.

Have you attempted any of these tactics in your email marketing campaigns? Did you see better results? I’d love to read your insights in the comments section below.

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