Email Marketing Focuses on Engagement

Email marketing advice helps put actions in perspective

I’ve been scouring the Internet for email marketing advice that focuses on the holistic approach. It’s nice to find a variety of opinions on an all-encompassing strategy for creating a database of email subscribers because it’s this information that will help publishers succeed in the digital age.

One recent article compared email marketers to Olympic decathletes. As a fitting topic for this summer’s Olympic games, the author states, “Top email marketers need to understand consumer behavior with social media, and how interplay between social and email can be used to create stronger email programs and enhanced social experiences.”


There is an important notion here. Email marketers aren’t only focusing on their campaigns; they have to understand the complete picture surrounding them. Mobile, for instance, needs to be accounted for since so many people habitually check email on mobile devices. Social media also plays a major role in the sharing of content and the interaction of community members. Search and display advertising receive attention, too. All of these pieces of a digital marketing strategy have to be understood by email marketers if they want to experience a high level of success.

Even Gail Goodman, founder of email marketing company Constant Contact, says that email marketing alone is not enough. She suggests engagement marketing, which utilizes a mix of email marketing and social media to encourage interaction.

Have your email marketing strategies evolved in recent times to focus on more engagement and interaction? Please share your experiences with the community.


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