Find SEO Success with the Right Keyword Phrases

Tips from PR Newswire on selecting the best words for SEO success

SEO is not just for blog posts; it has found a place all throughout the Internet, from image tags and video transcriptions to optimized press releases.

SEO is ultimately all about reaching your audience. You need to use and understand the language employed by your target audience members.

As Rachel Meranus, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for PR Newswire states, “the single most important tactic in SEO is the use of correct keywords.”

Without using correct keywords, you will miss the people who are most important to your brand; the individuals who align directly with your content, who will read and subscribe to it, and may even further your brand’s reach through social sharing.

As an editor, I’m tasked with going through our Google Visibility Report (GVR) and discovering keyword phrases that relate to our audience and are underserved by the online community.

After finding important keyword phrases, the next step is to investigate further. Place the keyword phrase into the Google Keyword Tool. Do other related terms come up? Do those related keyword phrases have strong search volumes? How about the competition – would you be able to compete on this term?


Using the right keywords in press releases

A press release is not only a great way to share announcements with audiences and organizations, when optimized well, a press release can end up Google’s News section.

In Rachel Meranus’ article “Become the Key(word) Master: Choose your words wisely for SEO success”, an interview with Scott Huegerich, PR Newswire’s distribution expert, reveals six steps for determining the best keywords for an SEO press release.

Huegerich’s first two steps are similar to my suggestions above. He recommends keyword research tools like Wordtracker and Google Trends to discover competition and the number of searches being conducted on the given keyword phrases.

For Huegerich’s other four steps for creating an SEO press release, check out the article “Become the Key(word) Master: Choose your words wisely for SEO success”.


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