How a Tweet Can Boost Your SEO Campaign

Three tips for getting more re-tweets to boost search engine rankings

Last month, both Bing and Google confirmed that Twitter has a direct impact on search engine rankings. We reported this a long time ago, but confirmation is always in the favor of any analyst.

By tweeting a link to your article, landing page, or any page that you want to get ranked, you are giving the page an immediate boost for being indexed. While search engines might otherwise take a day or two to index a new blog or page, a tweet from Twitter will get it indexed within the hour, sometimes almost instantaneously.

This however, doesn’t necessarily increase your search engine ranking, it’s simply a means of getting indexed. The next step is to get others to also share your page or blog article.

However, it’s important to know that much like websites, every Twitter person carries a certain authority. For example, if you write an article that gets tweeted by head honcho of Twitter, @Ev, then you’re likely to jump up search engine rankings really fast. If you write an article that gets tweeted by your cousin Ed from New Orleans that has a whopping 9 followers, the effect won’t be as drastic.

To this point, the more people that tweet your article, the more inbound links you will have to the URL, and so the sheer volume of attention to the page may also drive up search engine rankings.

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So how should you proceed with your SEO campaigns going forward? Here are a few tricks to get more inbound links, re-tweets and mentions by established Twitter folk:

Ask for the retweet: Asking for a retweet is one of the best ways to get someone to retweet an article or link you’ve posted. You see it all the time in the form of “Pls RT” or “RT?” or even more aggressively “PLEASE RT!”. This “ask” for a retweet can sometimes prompt users to retweet before they’ve even seen what you’ve posted.

Answer questions with articles: Follow top influencers in your niche on Twitter. When one of these influencers asks a question that you can answer with an article on your site, send them the article. Many top tweeters will re-tweet the best answer to the questions they ask in order to further enlighten their own communities.

Write about the influencers: The best way to get the attention of someone who you want to link back to you is to write about them. If you’re writing a book or product review, use the @ of the author or company that makes the product. If you’ve written an article about the great job that someone is doing, use their @ in your tweet. Make sure they know you’re talking about them and if it’s something that flatters them, this is a sure win.

So please do share in the comments. How have you gotten re-tweets in the past? Did you see a jump in your website traffic and search engine rankings?


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