How to Increase Visibility on Google

SEO tips to keep in mind while managing website visibility

If you want to increase visibility on Google, you need to focus on your SEO efforts.

Search engine optimization has come a long way over the years as Google continually tweaks its algorithm to focus on high-quality content.

If you’re producing high-quality content that presents value to your audience, then the next step is to learn SEO so you can begin to increase visibility on Google.

Remember, Google rewards high-quality content. If you do not produce valuable content, it’s unlikely for you to sit atop search queries.

Eight tips for increasing visibility on Google

How to Increase Visibility on Google Tip #1: In every SEO post you create, add at least one primary or second keyword phrase to the headline.

How to Increase Visibility on Google Tip #2: Every description needs to also have at least primary or secondary keyword phrase.

How to Increase Visibility on Google Tip #3: Each subhead should carry a primary or secondary keyword phrase.

Headlines and descriptions are created to tell the potential reader what the content is about. Search engines look at this content heavily, because it is of the utmost importance to their audience. Accuracy with the topic pleases both readers and search engines alike.

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How to Increase Visibility on Google Tip #4: All of the keyword phrases you are using throughout your SEO article should be taken from a single keyword cluster.

This helps from an audience development standpoint. The more relevant content is to a specific audience, the less of a chance you have of bouncing traffic. If bounce rates get too high, Google may move your listings lower in search queries.

How to Increase Visibility on Google Tip #5: Assign each post to a category so it will be designed for proper internal linking. Make sure to choose only one category for each post. Posting in only one category keeps the content more aligned, and specifies that to your audience members and Google.

How to Increase Visibility on Google Tip #6: Include a text link in every SEO post. This link should direct traffic to a free or paid product that is associated with the content.

How to Increase Visibility on Google Tip #7: Each primary keyword phrase and each secondary keyword phrase needs to be tagged. If you don’t tag the keywords, manually or automatically, the content will not get easily read and indexed by the search bots.

How to Increase Visibility on Google Tip #8: Make sure every post has an author, and every author has his or her own author page. Having an author gives more credibility to your content and gives your audience the opportunity to read more articles by authors they like.

I’ve heard that “SEO is dead” many times before.

Search engine users don’t seem to be using search engines any less, according to recent information from the Pew Internet Project’s study, which stated 92% of online adults have used search engines with 59% using them daily. The only activity that placed above search engines in the category of habitual use was email (61%).

SEO remains a valuable skill to possess if you want to build an audience with content.

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