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Tag: online press release

Modern SEO Press Release Guidelines [+ Video]

Utilizing proven SEO press release guidelines can translate into more website traffic and member conversions

An Audience Development Plan for Targeted Writing

Five steps to an audience development plan

Writing for audience development begins with keyword research. What are your audience members searching for? How many people are searching for the content you provide? What is the related competition on the keyword phrases that you want to rank for in search engines?

Knowing the answers to these questions will provide you with a foundation for your audience development plan. Let’s take a look at a step-by-step approach for audience development writing.

One of the Best Tools for Building Email Circulation

How are you building your email marketing file?

Every online marketer and audience development manager has a preferred method for building their email file.

As a content creator myself, and the person tasked with audience development efforts, my favorite way to build an email file relies on great content and superb targeting.

The Social Network Subscription Website Business Model

Discover three popular types of social network subscription website models

A social network subscription website is a powerful networking tool that relies primarily on user-generated content.

Social network subscription websites are used to create a setting where people with similar interests can use the virtual world to make real connections—whether purely social relationships or specifically BtoB networks. It’s the online version of meet and greet.

The Four Simplest Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Daily tasks for increasing website traffic with little to no effort

While we search and search for new and innovative ways to get more people to our website, there are still the fundamentals that you shouldn’t miss. If you ask any Internet marketer that publishes content, they’ll be able to tell you what they do on a daily basis, and then they’ll be able to tell you the nitty gritty of everything else.

These are those daily tasks to get your articles distributed to the masses with little to no effort:

Reach New Audiences with SEO Press Release Guidelines

Target your keywords, inform audiences and do so in style

Download a free digital copy of our SEO Press Release Guidelines white paper now

The press release will never be the same.

The Internet has transformed the old method of creating press releases. Online publishers or content marketers are able to add modern, media-rich styles to their releases to garner greater attention.

3 Easy Ways to Build Inbound Links & Increase Website Traffic

Start driving website traffic by being more pro-active about link-building

Search Engine Optimization is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to getting ranked in Google. Another big piece includes getting enough inbound links to an article to tell Google that said article is worthy of rank.

Here are a few ways that you can get your articles distributed to the masses with little to no effort:

Week in Review: September 27th, 2010 – October 1st, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Online Press Release Guidelines for Publishers

How to write a better press release

A press release is not written like anything else on your site. Once you master the basics of writing a well-crafted press release, you will reap the benefits – increased website traffic, new inbound links and higher search engine rankings.

Tips on How to Optimize Online Press Releases

This free report from Mequoda Group discusses how online PR is a way of gaining visibility from online communities

(Nationwide)—Online PR can help reach a big, direct audience online that is interested in the topics covered. Successful online PR has to be very focused. It needs to be designed specifically for the news being promoted and it should contain specific keywords that people are searching for. If it does not involve these two important components, chances are that the press release will not be picked up by search engines or seen by a large audience.

To begin engaging in online PR campaigns, start by creating a press release. Make the release between 250 and 400 words and newsworthy.

Week in Review: August 30th, 2010 – September 3rd, 2010

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Learn How to Write Effective Headlines for a Press Release

Research your keywords before you begin to write a press release

Research, research, research. Yes, it all starts with keyword research. Before you even begin writing a press release, find at least two keyword phrases that you want to be found by in search engines.

If your not sure what keywords to target use the Google Keyword Tool to determine your primary and secondary keyword.

5 Steps to a Successful Online PR and Link Building Campaign

Number 4 on the list is the SEO press release; it’s not to be overlooked but often is an afterthought. On the Internet, press releases take on a new meaning and provide an additional marketing opportunity that only some in the industry have figured out—search engine visibility.

Now that the public can read press releases directly on various Internet news portals such as Yahoo! News or MSN News, it’s becoming more important to optimize press releases for online distribution. They must be keyword-rich and provide links back to your site or article.

Free Online Press Release Guidelines

Learn how to successfully create and distribute press releases

SEO Press Release Guidelines Re-Released with Some New Content

Let the world of online users know about your story

The world of journalists, bloggers and news aficionados has grown to an exorbitant size because of the internet. This notion should excite all of the communications people out there because the audience of people interested in newsworthy content has grown and is more accessible.

Along with that, the mediums that can be utilized to promote have grown. Dozens of press release distribution websites are available throughout the internet, many of which offer free options for publishing and distributing your newsworthy stories.

Last Chance to Learn how to Execute an Online PR Campaign

Our Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps will be taking place on July 13th
As online communities continue to expand and evolve, online PR is further developing into a resource that can mean more visibility for a company. And we all know what more visibility can mean for a company; more email subscribers, customers and brand loyalty.

Are you targeting your communities and sharing newsworthy information with them? If not, you should be. Online PR doesn’t have to be time consuming, although it can be if that’s your goal. Our Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps webinar will discuss different methods you can use, depending on your free time and monetary budget.

SEO Link Building – “If Content is King, Links Are Queen”

Start building links to your articles and landing pages by implementing a “10 links a day” policy

Do Press Releases Lead to Duplicate Content?


How does submitting press releases to online press release sites affect Google ranking in terms of duplicate content? If you do get penalized are you supposed to post separate releases to each of the sites, as well as your own?


Duplicate content is to be avoided on your site but not a worry when syndicated across

33 Online Press Release Sites to Submit Your Press Release Template

A well written online press release, distributed at the right time all but guarantees increased traffic and sales

Download our FREE Landing Page Design Best Practices & Optimization Kit!

Four free white papers that will kick your landing page design and optimization skills into high gear!

7 Step SEO Guide for Getting Inbound Links to a Free Report or Product

Use this SEO Guide to launch new free products that get found in search engines for months and years to come

Three Quick Things You Can Do Right Now to Drive Website Traffic To An Article

Take a minute and try these three simple traffic-driving strategies you can use to attract more readers to your featured article of the day

Is “Going Green” an Online Publishing Gimmick?

Is converting to online publishing a good excuse or good business model?

Are the days of old really gone, no more morning paper and cup a joe? Will all print publications convert to online subscriptions and RSS feeds? Well, if they haven’t started maybe they should.

In the last year, over 400 traditional newspapers, such as the 150 year old the Rocky Mountain News, and magazines, like Vibe, have stopped their print publications all together. As traditional print seems to be disappearing rapidly, can converting to online publishing and calling “going green” be the answer?

117 Mequoda Best Practices

Ten free whitepapers for turning your print publishing company into a successful online publishing company

Past and Future of the Social Media Press Release

A new(ish) type of press release, generally referred to as a “social media release” is quickly gaining popularity. These types of press releases generally include many multimedia elements, enable to user to engage with the content on many different levels and allow the release to be shared in dozens of different ways.

Website Traffic

Get Dozens of Link-Building Strategies and Tools for Driving Website Traffic in our FREE Launch a Link-Building Campaign white paper. Or, learn How to Write Effective Press Releases for Online Distribution, Search Engines and Social Media with Online Press Release Guidelines.

What are some steps I can take to increase my email subscriber file?


What are some steps I can take to increase my email subscriber file?