PR Expert Added to Our Online PR Webinar

Jaime Guthals of Interweave Press joins tomorrow’s webinar

If you plan on tuning in to tomorrow’s Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps webinar, then you’re in for an added bonus. Jaime Guthals, the Director of Public Relations for Interweave Press, will be adding her wisdom of online PR to the webinar.

I was excited to hear that Jaime would join the webinar. The world of online PR is vast and each online publicist will have some pieces of advice to share with the community.

Jaime has been with print, broadcast and online media for over a dozen years, and has been with Interweave Press for over seven years in one capacity or another. In addition to her work within public relations and social media consulting, Jaime is a segment producer for Aspire Media-owned television program, Knitting Daily TV. This program can be seen throughout the country on PBS channels.

Structure of our Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps webinar

Our webinar will begin with a basic introduction to online PR and how it has taken on a different shape than traditional public relations.

To me, the newer world of online PR is incredibly fascinating. It surely beats my days of calling and emailing writers at major magazines for coverage of musical acts. This is especially true because the online publicist has a lot more control of promotional situations. Solid press releases can be written and distributed and results can be seen from that alone. Social media outlets have also allowed online publicists to focus their time and effort towards audiences that are truly interested in the newsworthy information they provide.

After the basics of online PR, the specifics on creating a strong press release will be discussed. This will be followed by distribution options and ways to monitor the success of your online PR campaigns.

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Online PR and PressLift

PressLift will be one topic Jaime will discuss during this webinar. For those unfamiliar, PressLift is a company that allows users to share multi-media with members of the press as well as consumers.

After creating a press release, publicists can enhance their release by adding pictures, video, audio, documents, links and more.

PressLift also allows for added search engine optimization that can greater impact distribution that many online publicists already do.

Finally, PressLift lets users engage in “social media sharing, embargo periods, FTC guideline compliance and more”.

PressLift packages include Google Analytics and other monitoring options that online publicists want access to. What’s the point in doing extensive work while not knowing how successful the campaign is?

Jaime has been using PressLift since their launch and has experienced impressive coverage with it. The site has allowed online publicists to add the multi-media component to their work, which easily catches the attention of journalists and editors alike.

If you are not currently registered for our Online PR Tips, Tricks and Traps webinar, don’t worry as you can register now. This webinar will cover a lot of ground on the topic of online PR, so if you have an interest in this topic, be sure to sign-up now.


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