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Looking for some fresh tips on SEO? Here are a few articles that should provide some innovative insight on what’s new in SEO in 2012:

Small Business SEO & Internet Marketing Strategy Guide, 2012

Looking for the best small business SEO and Internet marketing guide for 2012?

Without doubt, 2012 is going to be a year of radical change and opportunity for small businesses with the right SEO and Internet marketing strategies in place.

This SEO and Internet marketing strategy guide for 2012, will highlight the current state of the SEO and Internet marketing landscape, and provide motivation and guidance for making the right strategic choices going forward.

SEO & Internet Marketing in 2012

Both SEO and Internet marketing are time consuming, resource, labor and skills intensive efforts that are crucial to the success of small business online. With so much riding on these quintessential business activities, it pays to have an idea of what is around the corner.

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Bing Launches SEO Reports and Analyzer for Webmaster Tools

As Bing actively works to distinguish its SERPs for users, it is also improving its back end to make its services more valuable for marketers. The company recently announced the availability of SEO Reports and SEO Analyzer to inform the search marketing campaigns of companies relying on website traffic from Bing.

With SEO Reports, webmasters and marketers can assess the performance of their domains based on a series of best practices defined by Bing. The feature runs every other week to, giving detailed assessments of marketers’ campaigns based on a sufficient amount of data and without placing too much emphasis on the performance of pages from day to day.

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If you’ve ever been a little confused when it comes to SEO, this next article is for you:

How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love SEO

Before starting at QueryClick I thought SEO was nonsense. I assumed that it was surely “just chucking in a bunch of tags” and “not putting in hidden text or spammy links at the bottom of the page”.

Before I go any further, I’d like to say I am no longer of that opinion. To prove it, I’ve launched a new site, which I’ll go into more detail about at the end of this post. But let’s just briefly consider my initial misconceptions about SEO.

I think most designers who haven’t had any experience of proper SEO work would feel the same way about it. In fact, not just designers. I expect a huge range of people who might benefit from a bit of SEO knowledge would be in the same boat. A boat with no paddles, adrift on a sea of rumours trying to chart the depths with a vague hand-drawn map of Basingstoke. That’s what it can feel like.

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