Successful Social Media Campaigns

Mashable listed 5 winners; what do you think makes a successful social media campaign?

Social media for content producers and marketers is a beneficial yet fragile creature. It can bring an audience close, or scare them away just as quickly if correct communication isn’t established.

The best social media campaigns achieve a few things. They bring together a group of people interested in the same topic or subject. Interactivity is typically a big part of social media, and the activities surrounding it should strengthen relationships. Personally, I think the best social media campaigns are ones that engage and educate while being spread through word-of-mouth without directly asking the audience for assistance in promoting. If a social media initiative is so great that your audience members are excited to tell their friends, without you asking them to, it’ll likely be a winner.

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An article on Mashable recently discussed some social media campaigns executed by well-known companies. They described the campaigns and discussed the positives and negatives surrounding the campaign.

The article is worth a read to see what directions some companies go in when it comes to social media campaigns. However, the strategic methods mentioned in the article aren’t the only ones brands can use.

What are some suggestions for social media campaigns that you believe in? The companies discussed in the Mashable article are large corporations; what do you feel works better for smaller, independent companies? Please add your comments to our blog.


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