VIDEO: Using the Google Keyword Search Tool for SEO

A step-by-step video for using the Google keyword search tool for on-the-fly keyword research, and why Mequoda ranks so well for apple pie recipes

Why do you write blog posts for your publication? It’s probably because you want people to read them, right? Well, most people find the articles that they read through the Google search engine. Sure, they subscribe to feeds and get email newsletters, but the reason why the word “Google” is now used as a verb is because people Google the answers to their daily and hourly questions.

So, if you want to attract new readers and increase website traffic, you need to get found in search engines, especially the world’s largest search engine—Google.

The easiest way to do this is to add a niche keyword phrase into every title of every blog post you write. Additionally, you want to sprinkle the keyword within the first 300 words of the article too. Back in March, our own SEO afficionado Amanda MacArthur wrote a great post entitled The Absolute Simplest Way to Find an SEO Keyword. In her post, she goes through the step-by-step instructions on how to do on-the-fly keyword research.

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If you’re a Mequoda Gold Member, you may very well already have a golden ticket in your hands; a Google Visibility Report constructed of thousands of niche keywords available at your disposal. However, even amongst the piles of great keywords, sometimes you need something even more niche and specific to cover a great topic. This is where on-the-fly keyword research comes in handy.

I won’t rehash the great step-by-step instructions written by Amanda. Instead, I’m going to give you a visual tutorial on how to do it. As Mequoda’s New Media Producer, you can probably imagine that I’m a visual learner. I hope that this video screencast brings you one step closer to banging out your own keyword research. You’ll also discover why Mequoda gets top rank for “apple pie recipes for fresh apples” that has 480 monthly searches per month. Oops!

Once you’re done watching, go ahead and print out The Absolute Simplest Way to Find an SEO Keyword.


    Is there any software out there that allows me to use available videos on youtube or anywhere else?
    I’d like to type in a keyword and have a large choice of videos to link to.
    I would then like to monetize from these videos.
    Is this legal?
    Is anyone doing this?
    Please email at

      Patrick H.

      Hi, In terms of using available videos. You have the ability through YouTube to embed most videos on another website. In some cases the owner of the video has not allowed embedding.

      Monetizing these video is a different story. If you create your own videos and upload them to YouTube you may get invited into their Adsense Program For YouTube. You will then receive get a percentage of the ad clicks while your video plays. You could also try to monetize your original content by using a service like or

      To use someone’s video without their permission, e.g. Ripping the videos off YouTube and uploading them to your YouTube account to make a profit is most certainly illegal and unethical. But people still do it. Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help.


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