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Atlantic Cities Is Now CityLab

via Ad Week

via Ad Week

Ad Week reports that The Wire‘s sister publication Atlantic Cities is being relaunched as CityLab.

After three years, the urban planning digital magazine founded by Sommer Mathis is incorporating crime, weather, and map coverage, as well as a feature called Navigator that will provide lifestyle content. In addition, it will boast a cleaner, mobile-first design and improved search functions.

“We feel like we really nailed down our core audience – the hardcore, professional urbanists – but beyond that, there are the enthusiasts, people who are passionate about a lot of the subjects we cover,” Mathis told Ad Week. “We’ve always thought about that outer ring as where we want to head next, and that’s a big reason why we’re moving to this new site.”

Siemens has signed on as a sponsor.

To read more about CityLab visit, Ad Week.

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