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Content Snippets: A Way for Digital Publishers to Build a Bigger Audience?

There’s something interesting going on online. As long-form journalism finds a place and an audience digitally, there appears to be strong interest in succinct writing as well.

Take a look at Twitter, for instance. There are nearly 3 billion tweets produced each week – all of which are 140 characters or less.

And publishers have even joined the Pinterest crowd, pinning intriguing headlines and quotations for others to see. Mequoda’s Social Media Specialist Amanda MacArthur wrote about the tasteful ways publishers are using Pinterest in this article, which was a hit with our audience.

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Continuing along the path of sharing content is newly redesigned The site aims to create a virtual library of articles and videos with added insight. Collections of content can be subscribed to, and shared among other popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

For digital publishers, offers a button that can be added directly to a website. This allows your website visitors to share your content via

Finally, as analytics are a must-have for all online business professionals, you can collect statistics on the amount of clicks received from sharing the content.

According to TechCrunch, has received a healthy amount of funding. Perhaps the online community’s desire to share articles and content snippets is preparing to grow even more.

Have you tried yet? What are your thoughts on the avenues for sharing content in today’s digital landscape? Please share your insight with us.

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