Managing Recent Digital Change

How have you managed digital change?

Some content publishers are having a hard time with the changes that take place in the digital age. New advances arise before others can be mastered and managed properly. Is this something you’ve experienced first-hand?

Of course, there are other online business managers and digital publishers who have developed new revenue streams reflective of the drastic change that has consumed the environment. Some of these are explicitly dependent on digital tools, while others have been developed as a way to diversify.

For instance, has turned towards a glorified content farm in some people’s eyes. Rob O’Regan from eMediaVitals recently wrote about this. As has focused on its digital strategy, more writers have been used and more content published. This content is optimized and distributed to the online community. The approach has resulted in a 26 percent growth in digital revenue year over year and over nine million unique visitors.

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Publishing more optimized content can certainly help publishers reap the benefits of traffic and revenues. The only thing that needs to be avoided is the production and publishing of low-quality content. Some users have complained about this, particularly in regards to

A strong social presence is the next part of the digital transformation that publishers need to prepare. Some companies believe so strongly in social media that they’ve given up their websites to only rely on social networks. Interaction is strong, especially on mobile devices, and social networks are often adding new features to compete with each other. Recently, LinkedIn added alerts similar to Facebook – functionality relevant to B2B professionals.

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that knowledgeable companies have been using live events as another way to generate revenue. These events with the highest possible fidelity often come with higher price tags than other products. The digital landscape provides a great avenue for promoting such events.

How have you been managing digital transformation? Are you using the digital environment to successfully market new and existing products? Please share your story with us.


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