This Digital Publisher Has Gone Mobile-First

via Bleacher Report

via Bleacher Report

We’ve seen some print publishers go to the concept of digital-first, meaning that they switched their focus from print to digital. The changing times of publishing often dictating those efforts.

Now, we’re seeing something a bit different, as Bleacher Report has changed its focus to mobile-first. Bleacher Report is doing this by really focusing on its app. The goal was to provide a different experience in-app than a user could get from solely visiting the mobile site.

Sam Parnell, chief technology officer at Bleacher Report, said that users started using the app more than the mobile site. shared the content from Parnell. “The mobile app became a “flagship experience”, and he said that while an individual visitor would come to the website two or three times a month at this point, app users were visiting closer to 30 times a month…about 75 percent of traffic to Bleacher Report now comes form mobile.”

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