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Will Vox Media Cash In On Native Ads?

via Vox Media

via Vox Media

Vox Media has just received more funding, bringing the company’s total funding to $107.6 million.

Vox Media creates native advertisements, and has recently upped its game in this department by hiring new talent. Digiday has the story, and according to the article, Vox Media “hired Lindsay Nelson, the founder of Slate’s content studio, to head up VoxCreative, Vox Media’s own in-house marketing and advertising unit.”

Creating native advertising for other publishers is popular right now, as we’ve seen others offer these services.

With the hopes of having VoxCreative become profitable in 2015, Vox Media is looking to bring something more to the table with native advertising. Supplying a message closely aligned with a story isn’t seen as enough anymore. This is why Nelson wants to incorporate more into native advertising offerings.

According to the article, Nelson wants to include the “ability to think about distribution and scale and measurement.” This will be done by getting “an intimate understanding” of audience members who engage with native ads.

Read more about Vox Media at Digiday.

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