12 Steps for Successful Video Search Optimization

Shari Thurow’s Tips for Optimizing Video

With Universal Search on the horizon, optimizing non-text content (images, video, audio) is becoming more and more important. The following are some tips for optimizing video content for search from Shari Thurow, author of Search Engine Visibility, as referenced in a session by Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR at SES NY 2008.

  1. Research video-related keyword phrases before optimizing and categorizing video files
  2. Always include user-friendly, keyword-focused metadata in all video files
  3. Name the video with appropriate keywords, when applicable
  4. Give video search engines easy access to your videos and video clips
  5. Organize video content by file format
  6. Robots exclude redundant video content
  7. Optimize the Web pages that contain videos
  8. Cross-link to other Web pages containing similar video content
  9. Create a video library or catalog
  10. Improve video quality
  11. Watermark and/or brand your video content
  12. Submit and distribute your video files to video search engines and video-sharing websites

Another great resource for understanding what’s going on in the land of the search engines… Danny Sullivan’s website titled Search Engine Land!

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