A Native Manifesto for Conde Nast Advertising

Condé Nast Editorial Director Tom Wallace, via Ad Age

Condé Nast Editorial Director Tom Wallace, via Ad Age

With the dissemination of a 4,000-word document from Editorial Director Tom Wallace, Condé Nast is seeking to formalize and codify its native advertising policies, according to Ad Age.

Condé properties like Wired and Self have utilized native advertising extensively, but Wallace’s memo indicates a concentrated effort to implement native platforms across the company.

“With Tom handling it, I think that gives it more understanding that it needs to be controlled,” one anonymous Condé publisher told Ad Age. Another “Condé Nast staffer described the company’s document as ‘an evolving set of practices’ that gives publishers and digital ad sellers a quick reference guide on what they can and can’t offer brands. ‘It simplifies the sales process,’ the staffer said.”

To read more about Condé Nast’s native manifesto, visit Ad Age.

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