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Tag: ad age

Audience Development Evolving Through Social Media Channels

Facebook offering more audience development strategies; Snapchat effectiveness in question; Twitter broadens live video scope
We’re seeing more publishers partnering with Facebook for distributing content as part of an audience development strategy. Part of this content strategy is focusing on Instant Articles and how more advertisements can be placed within Instant Articles. MediaPost reports, “Unveiled in

Battling Ad Block Software: Business Insider, Google, and More

Ad block software continues to confound the digital publishing industry, but progress is being made as we see the results of various tactics to block ad blockers. Native ads, direct appeals, and other attempts to mitigate ad blocking programs are finding some success, but there’s no question that the issue will be sticking around for a long while.

Digital Ads Do Better With Premium Publisher’s Content

Premium publishers in the news: Bloomberg, Hearst, and more; plus, native ads not a cure-all
There are are premium publishers, and then there is premium publisher’s content, and you don’t have to be the former to have the latter.

This is important to understand, particularly if you’re ad-driven. Why? Because premium content can make you more revenue.

Magazine Marketing Strategy: Ad Study Shows Publishers in Strong Position

New Nielsen Catalina multi-year media survey yields some interesting results on magazine marketing strategy
When we talk magazine marketing strategy, typically we’re talking from the point of view of publishers. But advertisers have a magazine marketing strategy, too, of course – to begin with, it involves whether to buy ads in magazines at all. Well, with

Publisher Analytics: Google, Ad Viewability, User Data

In recent news from the world of publisher analytics, we see Google share the top factors for search, the IAB’s latest pronouncement on ad viewability, the efficacy of data monetization, and more

Publisher Acquisition News: Condé Gets Hip With Pitchfork Purchase

Publisher acquisition news is often pretty predictable and ho-hum, but sometimes a deal comes along that not only captures the imagination, but also truly crystallizes the state of the industry.

Ad Blocking Programs Continue to Vex Marketers, Publishers

How are entities like Vox Media, Quartz, the IAB, and the ANA combating ad blocking programs?
As ad blocking programs proliferate and become more popular with consumers – especially younger consumers like Millennials – marketers and publishers are feeling the heat in trying to confront what they consider a common enemy.

Recent news about Google’s efforts to

Ad, Publisher Dynamic Gets Complicated With Blocking Software

If you’re an ad publisher and rely solely on that revenue for your company’s future, blocking software is a disturbing development indeed. While it’s not yet at crisis levels, it’s worrisome enough to demand some action, which is why vendors with antidotes are popping up here and there, while publishers and marketers devise responsive strategies. Ad Age did a great job of covering this story and a couple of more recently. Let’s take a look!

New Adobe Publishing Platform Coming Later This Summer

Adobe publishing is a pricey option for publishers, but many believe the company’s products are worth every penny. While we proudly partner with Mag+ and direct our niche Mequoda Members to that platform, there’s no doubt that we have tremendous admiration for the Adobe DPS, which offers a full array of tools for digital magazines. Talking New Media recently covered the announcement that the latest Adobe publishing platform – originally billed as Adobe Publish but now back to the line’s original Digital Publishing Solution – will be released this summer. In the meantime, a beta version is seeing release. TNM also discusses some interesting new moves from Time Inc. digital and Rodale.

Digital Advertising News: Buyers Want Viewability Data, While Nielsen Wants Brains

All roads lead to viewability. This is not digital advertising news for anyone paying attention. Without it – or without a plan to establish it – publishers could be in some trouble, particularly on mobile. Advertising Age examines the issue in a couple of recent articles, while ruminating on sponsored content in a couple of others. Bonus content: Some big news from USA Today.

Mobile Ad Viewability a Focus for Facebook, MRC

Ad viewability on mobile devices is an emerging issue for publishers, and Facebook – along with the Media Rating Council – has taken the lead on developing workable measurements.

Pinterest’s Growth Depends On Targeting

Pinterest isn’t always in the conversation of the social media platforms to target for digital publishers and marketers. Facebook and Twitter tend to lead that discussion. However, the growth of Pinterest is something worth noting as it may become more significant in the future.

New Branding Campaign Coming For Time Inc.

Time Inc., a major publisher or popular magazines like Time and Sports Illustrated, will be working on a new branding campaign come 2015.

‘New York Times Magazine’ Focuses On Sundays

It’s being reported by Ad Age that the editor-in-chief and publisher of the New York Times Magazine are visiting CMOs and agency execs to share the news that the Sunday edition is getting major attention.

Twitter’s New Attempts To Build Audience

As a publicly traded entity, Twitter has a significant reason to build its user group, which includes turning casual visitors into registered users.

Native Advertising Popular With Media Companies

Whether you call it content marketing, native advertising or sponsored content, media companies are utilizing unobtrusive advertising to their benefits.

Facebook’s Ad Revenue Grows

Facebook has consistently seen growth in mobile advertising over the past six months. And although Google is still making much more overall advertising money, Facebook’s growth is quite impressive.

Can This Mobile Advertising Network Compete with Google?

It’s official: Now anyone can buy ads on Facebook’s new Audience Network — the social giant’s mobile ad network.

How Facebook’s Atlas Relaunch Can Help Digital Publishers

It may be hard for some to remember when Facebook bought Atlas from Microsoft in 2013. Now the story is coming back to life as Facebook relaunches Atlas.

Editorial Management: Pinterest Launches New Product

Pinterest is a great social platform for digital publishers who have a lot of visual content to share. But now Pinterest may become even more important with its new editorial product called Pin Picks. Ad Age reports on this emerging product.

B2B Content Marketing is Huge and Brands Are Becoming Publishers

Content marketing has caught on in many industries and disciplines, including B2B and B2C companies and publishers. According to Ad Age, 86 percent of B2B marketers are using content marketing, although only a little over one third have a dedicated strategy for their content marketing efforts.

Digital Publishing Not Just for Publishers Anymore

Brands are turning into publishers these days, because the Internet allows them to distribute high-quality easily and often. Of course, they have to know the best practices for doing so, but once brands get armed with the right tools, they can become successful digital publishers.

Facebook Shares Engagement on Digital Videos

Facebook looks to give Google a run for its money, as the world’s largest social network updates its video product, reports Ad Age.

Sports Illustrated Gets Busy with Digital Video

Video has done a lot for the Internet. YouTube wouldn’t be the world’s second largest search engine if video content wasn’t popular. Online video brings a level of personality to the Internet, and digital publishers are turning towards that personal aspect to share content.

Digital Publishing Takes on Text Message Subscriptions

Multiplatform publishing utilizes as many avenues for interaction that make sense. Now, text messaging is getting into the mix, reports Ad Age.

According to the article, Boku, a mobile payments company, is working with IPC Media to offer magazine subscriptions through text messaging.

People StyleWatch Mag Online Quiz Brings Numbers

Time Inc.’s People StyleWatch hit it big with an eight-question quiz matching readers with their “celeb style twin,” as it was instrumental in generating 203 ad pages for the magazine’s September print issue – its largest ever for that month.

Data Integration Best Practices for Publishers

Ad Age recently ran an op-ed by Purch’s Antoine Boulin on five strategies for publishers to better integrate data. Here are some excerpts:

Epicurious, Bon Appétit Join Forces

Condé Nast is bringing property under the control of Bon Appétit magazine, one of its leading titles. Ad Age reports that the publisher is hoping the combined audiences will more strongly appeal to advertisers. Pamela Drucker Mann will oversee the operation, while GM Carolyn Kremins will leave Condé Nast. Bon Appétit Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport will handle all editorial, and Editor-in-Chief Nilou Motamed will report to him.

‘Elite Readers’ of GQ to Promote Ad Brands

GQ is giving marketers the chance to have 57 “elite readers” promote their brands – if they spend at least $100,000, Ad Age reports. The move represents a concerted effort toward boosting digital advertising revenue. The GQ57 will tout the brands through social media, content on their blogs and websites, and in print and online ads.

Time Inc. Digital Ad Revenue Sees 12% Jump

In its first fiscal quarter since breaking from Time Warner, Time Inc.’s overall ad revenue spiked 3% year-over-year, helped by a 12% jump in digital sales. Ad Age reports that overall ad revenue for the second quarter totaled $461 million.

Native Advertising Is Medium’s Next Challenge

Ev Williams’ Medium, the long-form publisher that launched as a platform, is making its move into monetization by partnering with BMW on a native advertising package.

Evergreen Content: Seven Tips From Ad Age

In what is likely a good example of it, Ad Age recently ran a piece on producing evergreen content, providing tips and a “quick checklist” toward attracting better visitors and advertisers through stronger search and social. Mequoda Members have long known about the benefits of refurbished and repurposed articles, and it’s always good to get another take.

Kim: Promoting Content Is Imperative for Publishers

SimpleReach CEO Edward Kim writes in a recent Ad Age column that digital publishers must transcend the “analog values” that inform a prevailing aversion to paid promotion of content. Kim asserts that the opportunity cost of relying on word of mouth and earned distribution of articles is too high.

Golf World Mag Goes All Digital

Starting next week, Condé Nast’s Golf World will go digital-only and be absorbed into the Golf Digest website, Ad Age reports. The magazine was acquired from The New York Times Company in 2001 and has printed 31 issues annually since. It will now see distribution as a newsletter 50 times a year on Monday mornings, Michael Sebastian writes.

Native Ads Now a Priority for Time Inc.

Magazines like Entertainment Weekly, Money, Food & Wine, and Real Simple will get a boost from parent Time Inc.’s new native ads unit. The eight-person team will handle sponsored content for all of Time Inc.’s 25 properties, Ad Age reports. Sports Illustrated’s Chris Hercik will lead the editorial side, while Priya Narang will head up the business side.

Hearst Video Series Result of Revlon Deal

Hearst and Revlon will co-produce a 10-episode video series after striking a deal worth a “healthy seven figures,” Ad Age reports. The partnership will also include print ads, digital displays, and social media placement.

Tablet Ads Peform as Well as Print Ones Do

GfK’s MRI Starch Advertising Research found that tablet ads get 52% recall, which is the same percentage print ads can expect. In addition, the most recalled ads come in at about 80%, also right up there with print.

Gus Wenner New Digital Head for Rolling Stone

In a move that is sure to thrill struggling journalists across the world, Gus Wenner, the 23-year-old son of Rolling Stone founder Jan, has been promoted to head of digital for Wenner Media, taking over for the recently promoted David Kang.

Digital Magazine Circulation, Ad Revenue Up

PricewaterhouseCoopers released a study recently that projects digital ad revenue will increase 22.4% to $3.9 billion this year and hit $7.6 billion by 2018, Ad Age reports.

A Native Manifesto for Conde Nast Advertising

With the dissemination of a 4,000-word document from Editorial Director Tom Wallace, Condé Nast is seeking to formalize and codify its native advertising policies, according to Ad Age.

Condé Partnering With Google on Programmatic Ads

Two titans are joining forces to pitch ad buyers on purchasing ads in Condé Nast magazines using Google services.

Wired Creates Innovative Netflix Ad

A multimedia ad designed by Wired for Netflix is giving The New York Times’ “Snow Fall” a run for its money.

Advertising Metrics Need Governance, ANA Says

Advertisers, losing patience with what they perceive as unreliable performance tracking, are clamoring for more oversight and authority.

Jet Mag Will Go Web-Only

Jet Magazine, first published in 1951, will cease printing in June and shift to an exclusively digital model, according to Ad Age.

WSJ Digital Magazine to Host Video

The Wall Street Journal’s new digital magazine, Signal, will present videos produced internally and by filmmakers, the publisher announced at NewFronts last week.

Are Content Exchanges Key to Publishing Future?

With consumers craving quality around-the-clock content like never before, Ad Age argues that publishers must rethink how they produce and present it.

Will It Soon Be Illegal to Photoshop Ads?

The answer to that question is no, but federal lawmakers will indeed be keeping a closer eye on magazines in the future.

Earlier this month, a congressional briefing titled “Truth in Advertising: The FTC’s Role in Protecting Consumers From Photoshopped Ads” took place on Capitol Hill in anticipation of H.R. 4341, or the Truth in Advertising Act. The bill is co-sponsored by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla.; Lois Capps, D-Calif.; and Ted Deutch, D-Fla.

Upworthy to Offer Tasteful Native Advertising

Victor Luckerson from Time writes, “Today Upworthy announced a new native advertising partnership program that will allow businesses to pay for sponsored posts on Upworthy or commission the viral experts themselves to craft content made to be shared on social media. Like viral competitors such as Buzzfeed, Upworthy is eschewing traditional banner ads in favor of paid ads that looks much like editorial content.”

UpWorthy Wants to Solve the Native Advertising Problem

UpWorthy has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Fast Company has dubbed them as a “soulful BuzzFeed.” Instead of posting links to funny cat videos they are posting links to meaningful topics like human rights, and social issues.

What is Guest Posting Good For Now that Matt Cutts Says No?

Matt Cutts, head of web spam at Google, published a post on his personal blog that pretty much says if you’re using guest blogging for SEO purposes, you’re a black hat. Cutts writes, “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because

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