An Expectation for Brands Operating Online

Creation of a branded app is what three-quarters of mobile app users want to see

Mobile app users are valuable audience members. They engage with content they enjoy on the go, and are predicted to be spending more money via mobile apps in the future.

For instance, a recent study from Borrell Associates predicts spending for ads delivered via mobile apps will go up to $685 million in 2011 and $1.2 billion by 2015.

So the interest in mobile apps is there – but what do the users want?

According to a survey from the interface design agency EffectiveUI conducted by Harris Interactive, 76% of mobile app users believe that all brand name companies and organizations should have mobile applications. These applications should make shopping and/or direct interaction easier.

The survey also found that 73% believe the mobile app should be easier to use than the company’s website.

Just because mobile apps are desired, online publishers and content marketers need to realize that creating an app just to have one is not the way to go. Nearly 70% said their perception of a brand would be negatively affected if the brand had a mobile app that wasn’t useful.

Similar to this, 38% of those surveyed have not been happy with the mobile apps from some of their favorite brands.

Now that some expectations have been express by mobile app users, online publishers need to take this into account while developing mobile apps in the future.

For more from this survey, check out the original article from eMarketer.



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