Atlantic Events a Boon for Business

via Digiday

via Digiday

Atlantic Media has seen its live events arm account for upward of 20% of its revenue. AtlanticLive started in 2006 and now produces an average of 125 gatherings annually – including the Aspen Ideas Festival – doubling its own revenue during the past four years and bringing in as much as $10 million, Digiday reports.

AtlanticLive recently hired away Margaret Low Smith from NPR to oversee future events for Atlantic Monthly, Quartz, National Review, and Defense One.

“For us, this has been not just a brand-building exercise. It’s actually an integral part of our business. We’ve been able to view the live business through the same prism that we view the digital and print businesses: We’re an editorial company that brings our editorial brand to whatever platform we’re working on,” the Atlantic‘s Bob Cohn told Digiday.

“There’s no doubt, this is a growing part of our business. At the same time, the space is becoming more competitive, so we have to offer something more distinctive.”

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