Brian Fitzgerald of Evolve Media on Viewability

Brian Fitzgerald, via Ad Week

Brian Fitzgerald, via Ad Week

Ad Week recently interviewed Evolve Media President Brian Fitzgerald about his company’s development of INGage, a product that addresses brands’ concerns about viewability in the wake of the Media Ratings Council’s recent lift of its ban on video metrics.

Here are some excerpts, as told to Christopher Heine:

On guarantees for brands about actual views: “Yes, but not necessarily based on third-party audits because every accredited vendor uses a different methodology to measure an impression and determine if it is in view. We are working with the major vendors to optimize their code to more accurately track views.”

On pricing: “This is premium. We have created a new cost-per-engagement pricing model for this product. We only charge when at least 7.5 seconds of a video have been viewed.”

On accountability: “It is critical that publishers get out of a pure impression-based economy and offer brands accountable media. It affords publishers the opportunity to up charge the [cost-per-thousand-impressions rate] or change the pricing model all together, as we have. We did it recently when we began offering social/native video on a cost-per-view basis.”

To read more about Brian Fitzgerald of Evolve Media discussing viewability, visit Ad Week.

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