Calls to Action Tips for Online Publishers

Online publishers building social media and email lists need to pay attention to these tips

It is increasingly difficult to convert visitors into subscribers. Many feel the fatigue of being on social media and email lists, and occasionally overlook the opportunities to subscribe.

However, there are still audience members around who want to be engaged with our content. The following suggestions are for digital publishers creating calls to actions.

When using buttons to call users to action, what do the buttons look like? Are they the standard social media buttons seen all over the web? If so, you may want to try a customized approach. If people see the same buttons throughout the Internet, they are certain prone to button fatigue. They may lose interest in taking such an action if they even pay attention to the button. Seeing the ordinary type of button constantly may even lead to button blindness.

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When you call your audience members to action, you need to be prepared to fulfill the expectation immediately. For instance, if you are calling your visitors to register for your website and receive a free download in return, an email granting access to that download should be sent immediately.

Place your calls to action in the most practical locations, but don’t be too overbearing with the process. It can be frustrating if all your pages are covered with calls to action to buy products or sign up for email and social media updates. It is of course important to have calls to action though – they just need to be placed properly. For sales letters, put calls to action at the end of sections, making it easier for interested users to register or purchase. The end of blog articles is a good place to offer sharing options since readers would have just finished the article and are more likely to be engaged at that time. Having the buttons at the beginning of articles has helped get tweets from people who are particularly interested in the title and topic.

Do you have other tips to share on calls to action? Please use the comments section below.


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