Colin Bodell Leads Time Corporate Site Redesign

via Digiday

via Digiday

As it prepares to detach from Time Warner, Time Inc. is remaking its corporate website, and the move could signal a trend in the publishing industry.

“With the company spinning off from Time Warner, it’s almost like our cotillion calling card. We’re going to be much higher profile when we’re separated. It’s putting our best foot forward,” Executive VP and CTO Colin Bodell told Digiday. “There’s a depth and breadth to our content that I don’t think everybody fully appreciates.”

The Global Moxie-designed, mobile-friendly site will improve upon a historically lackluster and unimaginative aspect of branding industry-wide, while also introducing new technology. Time’s One Bot will track and feature the most socially trafficked content of its many magazine brands on the corporate hub.

At the same time, the site will still cater to media buyers with more traditional content, according to Digiday.

To read more about the Time Inc. corporate website redesign, visit Digiday.

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