Creative Careers Growing With Mobile Content

via eMarketer

via eMarketer

A recent study conducted by Edelman Berland for Adobe reveals that 74% of professionals are looking to mobile as the future of creativity and design.

“Creatives’ responses indicated that mobile gave them the freedom to do their jobs wherever and whenever. When asked how mobile had changed the creative process, 45% of respondents said it allowed them to capture inspiration on the go, and 42% said they could create content anywhere,” eMarketer reports.

“Interestingly, 41% of respondents noted that the channel helped them to reach a larger audience—which makes sense given that U.S. consumers continue to adopt and spend more time with mobile devices at a rapid pace.”

Creative careers are being impacted positively by mobile, 90% of respondents said. According to eMarketer, 42% of them have created content for mobile websites, while 41% and 30% have done so for mobile apps and mobile ads, respectively.

To read more about how creative careers are growing on mobile, visit eMarketer.

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