Digital Publishing Success For ‘Time’ Leads To Partnerships

via TIME

via TIME

The website traffic for Time has grown significantly, and it’s due to added content from other publishers in their corporate group, including titles like Sports Illustrated, Fortune, and Health. Additionally, it’s serving content from publishers outside of its corporate space, like Rolling Stone and Quora.

Of course, there is more to the jump in traffic, which Digiday reports on being 90% higher than a year ago. New, famous contributors help drive traffic, too.

So why is Time taking a gamble on publishing the content of other brands and companies? An article from Digiday spells it out. “With all these efforts, Time gets the content and, through it, the belief it can expose more people to its brand. The partners can hope for traffic via links back to their own site, but most likely, the main benefit is brand awareness. The contributors are housed in the Ideas section of the site, and the rest of the content appears in other verticals, overseen by the editor of that vertical.”

Read more about Time’s multiplatform publishing strategy at Digiday. 

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