Dwell Unites Editorial Style on Page & in Retail

Dwell Translates Editorial style to retail

via Folio

Keeping the editorial style in check is hard enough for a magazine but making sure that style translates into brand merchandise is another story. Folio has an interview with Josh Mintz, Dwell’s director of merchandising. He talks about translating that editorial voice from page to store. Arti Patel writes, “Dwell employs a ‘contextualized commerce’ approach to selling. What does that mean exactly?”

Josh Mintz goes on to talk about how Dwell sees itself as more than just a publication. Mintz states, “We see our role as a media company evolving into a destination where modern design can be accessed, digested and purchased on any platform at any time. We have such a strong and unique brand, licensing our name to a standalone retail business would have been the easy way to go, but we felt an obligation to our community to keep control of the customer experience and continue to deliver a product and a level of service that people have come to expect and trust.”

You can read more of this fantastic interview on Dwell.

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