Internet Marketing Strategy: Facts are Stronger than Hype

Convince your potential customers with facts, not hype

Are you sick to death of hearing the same outrageous product claims from the same dozen or so Internet marketing “gurus”? Are you also as sick of the word “guru” as I am?

Why are the same Internet marketing entrepreneurs always “shouting” at us with capital letters, boldface type styles and color highlighted phrases? Why are they so intent on showing us how much money they have made?

Is it because some of these young, still-wet-behind-the-ears Internet marketing folks have suddenly acquired overnight wealth and a lifestyle that requires them to make even more money? Even if their new products don’t deliver on their promises?

People don’t want to be “marketed TO”; they want to be “communicated WITH.” — Dr. Flint McGlaughlin

And where did they get the idea that hype is the most convincing Internet marketing strategy for selling their information products to the rest of us?

I don’t think the Internet marketing strategy of writing overly boastful, self-serving copy works anymore — if it ever did. Certainly, not for anyone with an IQ greater than room temperature.

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Here’s my Internet marketing strategy: I believe that customers don’t want to be “marketed to.” They’re too smart and sophisticated for that.

  • They want to be “communicated with.”
  • They want to buy from a person, not from a corporation.
  • They want to be addressed personally, not as a faceless group.
  • They want to be convinced with facts, not hype.

You can still capture their attention with a big, bold promise in the headline. That’s essential.

But you’d better be quick to back up your claims and support your promise with factual, sincere and believable text, or you’ve lost them.

And don’t shout.


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