Is the Future of Online Advertising Coming in “Real Time”?

A new method of selling ad space that is interchangeable

Online advertisers are well accustomed to the CPM ad model. In this method, advertisers pay a specific amount of money per 1,000 impressions their ad receives.

However, some online publications are working to evolve this method so that the advertisements can be fresh and unrestricted – an aspect that may be more engaging to the consumers seeing the advertisements.

Mashable reported recently on self-serve “real time” ads. has been using these types of advertisements, which have been appealing to local businesses.

With real time ads, the content can be changed to better serve the advertiser. For local businesses, they can update daily specials or weekly promos. For non-local advertisers, they can test different ad copy to find the best-selling content.

Another advantage of real time ads is that they are sold in specific time allotments. CPM is sold on impressions, which can limit the time of a campaign for marketers.

The Mashable article did not discuss how this could affect CPC advertising, but I’d envision it being just as beneficial to that advertising model. Marketers have to like the ability to change advertising copy if it isn’t working. With real time ads, it’s not a hard thing to do.

What are your thoughts on real time ads?

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