MPA Media Launching New Apps

via MPA Media

via MPA Media

I remember when media companies and digital publishers were in the process of launching their first apps. A lot has changed since those days, even though they aren’t too far gone, and companies are releasing new version of apps, changing digital publishing platforms, and figuring out the best ways of reaching their audiences through what they’ve already seen.

MPA Media is one such company who is releasing new apps and changing digital publishing platforms. Talking New Media has the story, and discusses what MPA Media is doing about the apps that were already available. “The answer for MPA is to have two apps per magazine: one that is for the new digital editions, the other for the archived issues.”

For other digital publishers that follow along this path, launching a new app and utilizing one as an archive can be done by simply adding the word “archive” in the name of the app. This is a strategy that some consumer magazines have done.

Read more about MPA Media and its new app at Talking New Media. 

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