Phil Ash Inducted into the Mequoda Hall of Fame

Capitol Information Group succeeds with the leadership of Phil Ash

Phil Ash, publisher at Capitol Information Group, Inc. supplies his audience with investment information and advice with Investing Daily. He also provides tips for successful career advancement at Business Management Daily.

When Investing Daily was launched in March 2010, it was developed with a comprehensive content-driven approach. After four months, was experiencing 60,000 unique website visitors per month, up from 15,000 at the original URL of

Phil was able to experience this four-fold increase in traffic due to his utilization of Mequoda strategies, including an extensive keyword strategy, rapid conversation landing pages, search engine optimized content and free downloadable reports.

Phil’s successful approach to online publishing focuses on designing sites that retain paid subscribers and convert prospects while serving the needs of his audience. These activities have helped him increase brand awareness as he’s increased website traffic.

In addition to a branded ezine entitled “Stocks to Watch”, written by senior online editor Jim Fink, Investing Daily publishes multiple, free articles daily.

Phil Ash joins seven other members of the Mequoda Hall of Fame.

Everyone at Mequoda Group would like to extend congratulations to Phil Ash for his induction to the Mequoda Fall of Fame. We wish him many more years of successful online publishing.


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