Programmatic Ads Hitting Their Stride

via Digiday

Taylor Davidson, via Digiday

KBS+ venture capitalist Taylor Davidson discussed the programmatic advertising model with Digiday recently, offering five indicators that publishers and buyers are finally tapping its power.

“We’re still at the early majority phase,” Davidson told Digiday. “People are making the decision to adopt the technology not because they believe in the idea or want to test it but because they believe it has massive potential for business decisions.”

Here are those indicators:

“Marketers are getting smarter about programmatic”: Though a recent Wall Street Journal study found that just 23% of CMOs felt comfortable using programmatic ads in campaigns, that number is climbing fast.

“Programmatic works, therefore it will get more dollars”: Historically, there hasn’t been much subtlety or style to programmatic ads, but they do have an impact.

“Native is going programmatic”: The line between automated and native ads is getting blurrier.

“Platforms have embraced programmatic”: Google, Facebook, and Twitter are doing it, so it must be a good way to go.

“Programmatic is going far beyond the banner”: Programmatic has its eyes on TV.

To read more about the rise of programmatic, visit Digiday.

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