Revenue through Research

Study publishers that are already making money online

If I could only make one suggestion to you—a publisher that wants to make more money online—it would be to research.

There is no firmly established, all-encompassing business model for online publishing. It is still being developed by entrepreneurs and daring publishers.

That business model is also forming in a rapidly evolving market, where the technology and legislation that govern it can change overnight.

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That means research and adaptability are required to master the digital market place.

And at the rate that people are putting down print and picking up palmtops, the future of your publication depends on your research.

Find out what marketing and publishing methods are working online and test them for yourself. This will prevent you from wasting money on bad ideas and help your publication survive the online transition.

Do you print a magazine?

Good. Research companies like Computerworld that have successfully developed a system to publish online and in print.

Do you publish a newsletter?

Great. Research companies like The Motley Fool that deliver digital newsletters.

By analyzing successful companies and their online publishing strategies, you’ll be able to develop the strategy that fits your company.

The only problem with this type of strategy development is the amount of time and money it can take to accumulate the research.

But, that is why the Mequoda Group is here: to provide you with the research you need to successfully publish online.


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