Seven Principles of Content Marketing in the Digital Age — Part 7

Use the Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard to track operating statistics.

Business management guru Peter Drucker said it first more than 50 years ago. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Today there are an overwhelming number of metrics available to online publishers that can help measure achievement. But to stave off analysis paralysis, it is crucial to focus on the handful of numbers that instantly reflect the health of a Mequoda System.

How much traffic is coming to your website? How many names do you have in your email database? How much money are your subscribers spending (which is a function of how pleased they are with the quality of your messaging)? What is your retention rate?

These are the basic metrics every Mequoda System operator needs on her management dashboard so she can know, at a glance, the status of the system at any time.

While publishers should be also interested in the details of search engine optimization, email performance and website traffic, essentially you need to know the results of only five calculations to manage an online publishing business:

  • 1. Google Visibility Index

This is your estimated search impressions divided by total searches for a given keyword universe at a point in time.

  • 2. Unique conversion rate

Email adds, divided by unique visitors, for a specific period, normally a month. Five percent is a good number.

  • 3. Revenue per M (RPM) emails sent

Email revenue, divided by emails sent, often a single effort.

  • 4. Revenue per M (RPM) impressions

Website revenue, divided by unique visitors, for a specific period of time.

  • 5. Email opt-out rate

Email opt-outs — both voluntary and bounced — divided by average email subscribers, for a given period.

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Content marketing principle #7: Manage by Exception

Effective Mequoda System publishers track operating statistics using the Mequoda Key Metrics Dashboard, which immediately alerts them to problems and opportunities in their online businesses.

We call it “managing by exception,” which means regularly reviewing this standard set of metric reports. The idea is to investigate only those situations in which actual results differ significantly from planned results.

The Mequoda System Key Metrics Dashboard provides more than enough data to know, at a glance, what items need immediate attention.


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