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What is a Mequoda System?

A Mequoda System is a website built on the principles of the Mequoda Method.

The Mequoda Method is a set of best practices developed by watching, measuring, and reporting successful multiplaform publishers. We’ve turned these successful strategies into a finely-tuned System using software we call Haven Nexus. Haven Nexus CXMS is a state-of-the-art SaaS tool built, owned and maintained by Mequoda to enable all the functionality that multiplatform publishing businesses need to be successful and profitable.

In a Mequoda System, the structure of the websites we’ve built for our clients with great success and profitability include these four main principles:

  • Attract
  • Capture
  • Engage
  • Monetize

We see all four as discreet strategies that are all completely interlocked. Starting from the layer with the most visibility, we attract website visitors through search, then, a smaller number of those who we attract, we will capture and turn into email subscribers. We will then engage a smaller number of those captured subscribers with great content in order to keep them happy, and then make money doing so by monetizing the relationship and turning those engaged email subscribers into buyers. This is the smallest number of people, however, is fueled by the layers before it.

We have more than 50 live websites using a Mequoda System that we monitor, and are aware of dozens more that use all or some of our best practices. We also run our own Mequoda System, even though we’re consultants selling services, not publishers selling information products.

We have many best practices for building a System based on this Method that change and evolve over time, but the main principles do not. The goal behind the Mequoda Method is to help publishers make more money with multiplatform magazine subscriptions.

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