SIPA Member Expertise a Sign of ‘Times’

SIPA President Quoted on New York Times Front Page

We’ve talked before about the impact that SIPA members have on the national (or even international) stage, and that was in evidence again yesterday. Guy Cecala of Inside Mortgage Finance Publications, Inc.—and president of SIPA—was quoted on the front page of The New York Times (and the article was listed second on the “Top Stories” email they send out!).

The story concerned Bank of America’s announcement that they are resuming home foreclosures in 23 states. Guy was quoted in the sixth paragraph down: “Guy Cecala of Inside Mortgage Finance, an industry publication, said: ‘This draws a line in the sand that the banks expect this problem will be over in relatively short order and it will be back to business as usual. If Bank of America can do it, certainly the smaller ones will follow suit.’”

I’ve spoken with Guy before about these interviews—although this one he even had to call a “new milestone”—and he has said that despite being time-consuming, they are a “way for us to increase business… The best exposure is when we get cited in the Wall Street Journal or New York Times or Washington Post. I can often get someone in the statistics department to do the research, and then Web traffic skyrockets.” He then may be able to design some pay-per-view products that can take advantage of the notoriety.

Guy’s brush with fame shows once again that SIPA members—because of their tremendous expertise—have a definite impact on the big picture of the respective industries they cover. We’ve now seen time and again members featured in large media forums, be it Bob Coleman of Coleman Publishing on small business loans, Ellen Smith of Mine Safety and Health News, James Trippon of China Stock Digest or others.

Coleman and Jay Berkowitz, CEO of, have previously offered tips that may be helpful as you pursue your own notoriety.

1. Think of yourself as a brand manager and you’re the brand, like Diet Coke. Set specific measureable goals: redo your resume, develop a media kit, launch a blog, write a presentation and get booked for your local association talk.
2. Determine your unique selling proposition. What makes you distinctive? What skills can you focus on?
3. When you get a speaking gig somewhere, act like you’ve been there. Call people by name, act engaged, stick to your talking points and dress the part.
4. Embrace your inner author. Create content—write an article or a free e-book, make YouTube videos.
5. Go on Twitter. You can be the source of breaking news in your industry. Then once you have followers you can retweet other people’s messages to them.
6. Take advantage of volunteerism. Join your homeowners association, carve out your expertise. Consider even paying your own way to a speaking engagement. The notoriety and contacts you gain may be worth it.
7. Create a community around yourself. The offers webinars once a week.
8. Become a more effective speaker. Try Toastmasters. Go to Presentation Zen where you’re shown how to create great slides and tell stories.
9. Tony Robbins used to say to pick one or two things that can really make a difference and take immediate action.
10. Build a personal network; help people and let that karma come back to you.


Speaking of notoriety, SIPA’s online forums
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Check them out on the SIPA Website!
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