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Tag: web traffic

Content Purging as an Audience Development Strategy at Ebner Publishing International

The best audience development strategies meet an audience where they want to be met. Today we are looking at the expansion of some audience development strategies for content publishers at Ebner Publishing International, which publishes about 80 magazines, and is using content engineering to drive more traffic.

Subject Line Spam Trigger Words

Email subject lines are just one part of the email delivery equation. Emails are delivered to inboxes based on subject lines, content, and reputation. In some cases, engagement is even applied to this filter.

New Multiplatform Website Updates and Relaunches from Meredith & Others

A successful multiplatform publisher will consistently look for the next big way to enhance his or her brand, and focusing on digital evolution is one major way to do it.

The Top 10 Mobile-Trafficked Magazine Websites

Magazines with the most mobile traffic have great mobile magazine websites and social-friendly content
The Association of Magazine Media recently stated that on average, magazine websites are getting 26% of their traffic from mobile. According to AdWeek, “The MPA’s monthly Magazine Media 360° report dissected publishers’ online traffic in July and compared it with traffic from a

The Anatomy of an OFIE: How Smart Publishers Collect Emails

If you’ve ever been to one of our events, or you just got dropped on your head when you landed on one of our articles, you’ve probably seen the acronym OFIE here and there.

Around here, using OFIE it in a sentence (pronounced OH FEE) is as common as saying the words “website” or “conversion”. Say it with me, OHHHHH FEEEEEEEE. Or you could spell it out… oh, eff, aye, eee!

Successful Magazines Are Multiplatform Magazines

We make it our business to help you publish successful magazines. How do we do it? Well, it’s not a big secret, and we certainly don’t keep it from our clients. Create quality content and distribute it well with a multiplatform strategy. That’s about all there is to it.

Options for Publishing on Social Media Keep Expanding

If you’re publishing on social media – and if you’re not, contact us immediately for a free 30-minute conversation, things just got real! – you know that the goal posts keep getting moved, albeit in a (mostly) good way. Just when you think you have things figured out, somebody comes up with another networking and sharing concept that could add another layer to your content distribution strategy.

Editorial Management: The 7 Daily Tasks of An Online Editor

Ernest Hemingway once said, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

Perfection in editorial management is a fallacy. There will always be deadlines that are broken because a source responded at the last minute, and there will be typos that happen even with three sets of eyes on a document; even if your boss is Anna Wintour.

Digital Publishing Products: News From WaPo, AOL, Bauer, Magzter

Determining the digital publishing products your company can excel with is a key consideration when launching or remaking your magazine business model.

This might seem obvious, but it’s not difficult to take a cursory look around the industry and find digital publishers who try to fit square pegs into round holes instead of sticking to what works for their hard-won audiences.

At the same time, many observers will pronounce various digital publishing products dead at the drop of a hat, but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter if an app or a platform or a distribution service doesn’t work for the rest of the business as long as it works for you.

3 Digital Magazine Publishing Predictions for 2016

Publishers will reinvent their digital magazines across platforms and newsstands in 2016
This year print magazines saw a sharp downturn in newsstand sales, with a 10.3% drop year-over-year in single issue retail and a 9.8% drop in dollar value during that same time period, MediaPost reports. Time Inc., Hearst, and Meredith all saw plunges. Meanwhile, The New Yorker,

Is 2016 the Year Digital Magazines Master Online Publishing Platforms?

Online publishing platforms or offline publishing platforms or any platforms in between, it doesn’t matter: We’re fans of a good many of them, and believe in a “more-the-merrier” approach because the right deployment can open up new revenue streams.

Long before multiplatform publishing became an industry-wide buzzword, we were building a strategy to help magazines not only succeed in transitioning from print to digital, but to thrive once they get there. Desktop, mobile devices like tablets, social media, products, events — Mequoda Members embrace them all in their ongoing effort to distribute content.

Digital Consumers Up Big at The New Yorker

Digital consumers are the end all be all for Internet publishing companies. Everything revenue-related runs through them. Digital consumers click, read, subscribe, and share. They are the goal.

Here’s the good news: Digital consumers are there for the taking. How do we know this? Because we’re digital consumers ourselves. And because we’re seeing print magazines more and more make the transition to the web with a clear idea of how to maximize multiplatform publishing opportunities instead of stumbling around in the dark.

Some of those magazines are Mequoda Members, and some are legacy publishers with the resources to afford a larger margin of error. And then there’s The New Yorker, which is just dominating the shift. How are they doing it? Folio:’s on the story, along with several others. Let’s take a look!

How Subscription Websites Bring in Publishing Revenue with Little Spend

For print magazines and newsletters, subscription websites offer a plethora of ways to gain publishing revenue with little upfront cost
Legacy publications should be ultra focused on how to create dynamic sources of publishing revenue online. Most print publications already have a digital edition available, but it’s time to take an extra hard look at developing

Digital Industry News: Meredith Deal, Business Insider, Reader’s Digest

Media General and Meredith made major digital industry news recently when they announced a mega-deal was in the works that would see the former acquire the latter to form a publishing and broadcast monster, taking multiplatform strategy to a whole other level. The terms were reported as a 65% stake for $2.4 billion.

But Nexstar has trumped that digital industry news with a bombshell of its own.

Read on below for the full scoop from Folio:, plus the official announcement of yet another big purchase and the rebranding of a legendary legacy magazine.

What is a Blockbuster Post and How Do I Use This Secret Weapon?

One time I wrote a great post that drove 5,000 unique visitors per month to a site. Then the publisher broke the link during a yearly upgrade and Google dropped it from their search rankings. Oh wait, no, they decided to update the title to something “more catchy” and Google dropped it from their search rankings. Or no, they went ahead and decided to update the post and rewrote everything I’d optimized for search. Oh no, nevermind, it was Google just messing with us and they decided not to list it on page one anymore.

Woah, tough break. So many ways to kill a good post.

Of course this isn’t an exact true story, but I’m sure at least one of these instances has happened to you. All of them have happened to me at one point in my life as an SEO born and bred writer.

Because everyone has a post on their site that drives tons of traffic, and you’re gleefully swimming in pools of champagne paid for by the revenue created by awesome web traffic, and then your top articles drops into Google oblivion.

How Content Gets Profitably Recycled in Multiplatform Publishing

When you recycle a can or plastic bottle, you can wait and listen to the sound of the machine crushing the can. It’s almost as if the nickel it spits back at you came from the can itself.

When you recycle a magazine into apps, blog posts, videos, emails and events it makes sounds too: the sounds of web traffic rushing at you. The sound of social chatter and ultimately, ad or product revenue. It’s a bit more than a nickel, but you’ll take it, right?

Audience Extension And Digital Publishing

Are you familiar with audience extension and how it’s used in the digital publishing industry? In case you aren’t, here’s a quick refresher on the topic and some statistics to go with it.

The Mobile Web Market For Digital Publishers

Mobile website traffic is important to digital publishers. The numbers behind mobile traffic have been increasing consistently since new smartphones and tablets reach the market. Who do you think controls the biggest part of the market? eMarketer reports that Apple devices take the majority of web traffic on smartphones and tablets.

Is Pinterest Becoming Even More Important for Publishers?

The image-heavy publishers among us have turned to Pinterest to build community and web traffic. Now, the social network is becoming more valuable, as an analytics dashboard has been introduced.

Digital Advertising Revenue Increases

With the usage of mobile consistently increasing (it now accounts for 30 percent of web traffic), it only seems fitting that digital advertising revenue would be increasing, too.

Your MPI is a Key Predictor of Multiplatform Success

If your website doesn’t attract at least 5x more free visitors than paid subscribers – your publication is probably in trouble
Marketing expert Seth Godin recently spoke at the HOW magazine conference and said, “I can reach 10 times more people writing a blog post than writing a book.” I’ve always liked that guy.

If you apply

Mobile Outlook: Traffic Outpaces Desktop for UK Publishers

Digiday reports that the top magazine and newspaper publishers in the UK have seen their mobile website traffic surpass that of their desktop visitors, as more than half access it via tablet and other devices. In addition, according to Ofcom’s Communications Market Report, 61% of UK adults now own a smartphone, and 44% of households own a tablet. Mobile has become the favorite board for British surfers.

Men’s Fitness Mag Hits Record Traffic Numbers

Men’s Fitness announced this week that 8.4 million unique visitors came to the magazine’s website in July, which represents a 106% increase year-over year.

Forbes Media is Still Winning the Subscription Website Publishing Wars

With the recent release of AAM’s biannual circulation data, it’s time to take a look not at circulation, but at the overall health of U.S. magazines’ multiplatform publishing efforts. In Mequoda world, we have a little number we call the Online Media Index (OMI) that measures just that, and the results are

Pacific Standard’s Web Traffic Hits New High

Columbia Journalism Review has an in-depth profile on the Pacific Standard. Sarah Laskow writes, “Pacific Standard has had an exciting January.

Data Influences HarperCollins Digital Publishing Strategy

Chantal Restivo-Alessi is the Chief Digital Officer at HarperCollins. In an interview with FastCompany, she talks about the way data influences their digital publishing strategy and how data is double edged sword,

The National Journal Gets Responsive, Ditches App

The National Journal is moving its website to a more responsive design and ditching its app. AdWeek’s Lucia Moses writes, “For National Journal, its iPhone app is relatively new (introduced in April as a subscriber benefit) and hasn’t been a significant source of revenue. Meanwhile, its Web traffic from mobile devices has doubled over the past 18 months, so it needed a site that would provide a uniform experience across devices.”

Salon Media Group Makes Cuts, Boosts Web Traffic + Revenues

Digital publishing news for July 1, 2013
Salon Media Group saw increased revenue Q1 due to a nice boost in Web traffic reports Folio: “Salon is up 21 percent in net revenue from continuing operations when comparing Q1 2013 to Q1 2012, which totals about $900,000.” Due to the web traffic increase, their ad revenues and third-party ad revenues soared 10% and 23% respectively. Salon also made strategic cuts in both video production and their subscription model which also bolstered their financials.

Mequoda Weekly: March 25th, 2013 – March 29th, 2013

Catch up on the Mequoda Daily’s blog posts for this past week

Why Special-Interest Magazines Will Win the Online Advertising Wars

Be careful who you follow because special-interest publishers are converting print to web subscribers better than anyone

Discover your Keyword Competition with these Four Tools

We tend to spend hours upon hours optimizing our sites and articles and rarely give a thought to who’s competing for those same keywords. Competition has gotten fierce since the last Penguin update and it’s more important than ever to check your rankings and try to capitalize on those niche keywords.

So how can you find out who’s competing with you? Think of this article as the research guide for the friendly game of keyword competition. May your best articles out-rank!

The Best Words for Social Media Optimization

Similar to email, the words used in your social media communications need to resonate with your audience members. If they are too gimmicky, or filled with sales rhetoric, you may not be able to generate significant web traffic from your social media efforts.

What words get you to click? Since social media has become focused on personal relationships, the references to this seem to work well. For instance, writing to a person with their name or with the word “you” seems to get clicks. It makes the readers think the content is specifically catered to them.

How to Create Email for Mobile Devices

6 tips for creating emails designed for mobile devices

Originally, we were telling publishers to design websites optimized for mobile devices. This was at the time when the mobile revolution was just starting.

Today, the numbers are increasing rapidly. On October 10th, 2011, comScore released Digital Omnivores: How Tablets, Smartphones and Connected Devices are Changing U.S. Digital Media Consumption Habits. This report outlined a few very important reasons why online publishers should pay attention to mobile.

5 Stats to Consider About Online Activity

New data shares significant information for online publishers and content marketers

Staying current with trends helps online professionals make careful moves in their online strategy.

Walker Sands Communications, a full-service marketing and public relationships firm, tracked website data of B2B and B2C clients and compiled the information in their Q3 Web Traffic Report.

3 Professional Forums for Online Editors to Increase Website Traffic

Do you have all the “answers”? Quora, LinkedIn and O’Reilly do.

As an online editor for a reputable magazine, newspaper or newsletter, you are already considered an expert in the niche that your in and the “beat” that you cover. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be trusted with being the voice of authority for your publication.

Fortunately, there are also several online platforms available to savvy online editors who want to increase website traffic by extending their reach outside the usual circles of their own network. At the end of the day, participating on these sites can indirectly send people to your website.

Last Chance to Learn Web Video Production and Strategies

Register now for our Web Video 101 for Publishers and discover how to launch and refine a web video strategy

Do you remember the first viral video you saw?

According to New Image Media, “viral videos are largely known for being hundreds of times more effective than traditional advertising and being one of the most effective mediums of web video marketing.”

Web Video 101 for Publishers

Order this new, 90-minute webinar and discover how to produce, publish and market your online videos

5 Mistakes You’re Probably Making On Your Email Thank-You Page

Are you ditching your readers as soon as they subscribe to your email newsletter?

When someone signs up for your email newsletter, you have just one chance to make a great first impression that subscribers may hold onto for the duration of their subscription.

An email thank-you page is a page that we don’t look at very often. I mean, why would we? The problem with this is that thank-you pages often have outdated copy, old promotions and broken links.

20 Powerful Words To Immediately Boost Your Email Copywriting Results

Power words proven to get more emails opened – the rest is up to you!

Wouldn’t it be great if every article you wrote got read by every single person who subscribes to your email newsletter? What if every subject line you wrote was so powerful and gut-wrenching that every person who saw it couldn’t help but read it?
Unfortunately, even the best, most profound subject lines will still get passed by because of spam filters and people’s overcrowded inboxes. However, there are still things you can do with your subject lines that will increase open rates, and one of the most important things is learning how to write better ones. In fact, mastering this craft will give you more success in getting web traffic from your Twitter and Facebook headlines too.

TSI Network Seeks Chief Marketing Officer

About the Chief Marketing Officer position is seeking a Chief Marketing Officer to lead their Direct Response marketing efforts. To fit this position, candidates must have a decade or more (or the equivalent) of hands-on experience with Direct Mail marketing techniques. These techniques will be primarily performed through online marketing, with occasional Direct (postal) Mail campaigns, and both postal and online renewal efforts.

The ideal CMO candidate will have a decade or more of Direct Mail marketing experience, ideally in magazine or newsletter publishing, for some other type of periodical publisher, or in selling a continuation product. Having interest in, or being familiar with, investing or related financial topics, is a plus.

5 SEO Copywriting Posts You Should Read Again

Bringing back a few goodies to refresh your SEO Copywriting memories

At Mequoda Daily, we’re publishing up to four blogs every day and we know it’s not easy to keep up with everything that’s posted. That’s why for this post, I decided to put together a little recap of some of our most popular SEO Copywriting articles.

1. SEO Writing for Blogs and Online Articles

Use this list to optimize every new and old article or blog on your site in order to attract the most search engine traffic. In this article, we go over exactly how to SEO a single post on your blog, and the eight steps to do this successfully.

SIPA Member Expertise a Sign of ‘Times’

SIPA President Quoted on New York Times Front Page

We’ve talked before about the impact that SIPA members have on the national (or even international) stage, and that was in evidence again yesterday. Guy Cecala of Inside Mortgage Finance Publications, Inc.—and president of SIPA—was quoted on the front page of The New York Times (and the article was listed second on the “Top Stories” email they send out!).

The story concerned Bank of America’s announcement that they are resuming home foreclosures in 23 states. Guy was quoted in the sixth paragraph down: “Guy Cecala of Inside Mortgage Finance, an industry publication, said: ‘This draws a line in the sand that the banks expect this problem will be over in relatively short order and it will be back to business as usual. If Bank of America can do it, certainly the smaller ones will follow suit.’”

3 Reasons to Add the New Tweet Button And Increase Inbound Links

How can the new Tweet Button increase inbound links, audience development efforts, and increase website traffic?

Twitter proudly announced its own share button last month. The option to retweet information has definitely made it easier for publishers to share their content on Twitter and contributed to Twitter’s continued growth.

How much do we retweet? More than 750 million daily retweet button impressions using TweetMeme alone. The new “Tweet Button” is similar to TweetMeme’s “retweet button”, with whom they are working closely with on this project, with 3 key differences.

What Every Online Journalist Should Know About SEO Copywriting and Achieving a High Ranking in Google

Choosing and using the “right” keyword phrases in the “right” densities is only the beginning of SEO copywriting

Top 20 Online Publishing Books to Read in 2009

How does a book make our list of “Top 20 Online Publishing Books”?

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been busily scouring for books on the topic of online publishing. There are 5,000+ books on Amazon that one could read to better their online publishing business.

Online Publishing Book Review: Content Rich by Jon Wuebben

Finding a Balance with Online Publishing – The Free vs. Paid Conundrum.

Your book is done. Your website is up. How do you build book sales and web traffic simultaneously? How do you determine how much of your book is available online without purchasing it? After all, this is a business not a hobby, right?

Online Publishing Book Review: Search Engine Optimization by Kristopher B. Jones

Once you have identified your target audience or demographic, you must streamline your online marketing strategy. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital. For a basic overview and useful tips,

Landing Page Tracking: 3 Online Tools

Remember those “hit counters” you used to see on the bottom of websites (I’m digging back to 1999 here) that told the site owner how many people visited their website? Back then, it was exciting just to know that people did visit your website, but it’s 2008 now and there are dozens of landing page tracking tools out there that can tell you more about your audience than a number that increases every time you refresh the page.

Profiting in the New Publishing Environment

Join Don and Kim at the SiPA conference in DC and learn all the latest trends and best practices in this new publishing environment

Murdoch announces his Wall Street Journal online publishing strategy

Why settle for one million subscribers, when the revised online publishing strategy by the News Corp. Chairman expects 10-15 million?

When you pay $5.2 billion for the leading financial daily and one of the most widely read U.S. newspapers with a circulation of more than 1.7 million, you’d better have an online publishing strategy for recouping some of your investment.

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