Storytelling in Advertising Important for Online Readers

via The New York Post

via The New York Post

Keith J. Kelly reports in a recent New York Post Media Ink column that two-thirds of online readers are looking for advertising that tells a story rather than pushing a product, according to an Interactive Advertising Bureau and Edelman Berland study.

The results were based on data from 5,000 respondents.

“The study also found that consumers were more likely to welcome native ads … on business and entertainment sites than they are to trust them on general news sites or publications,” Kelly writes. “In other findings, native advertising has more credibility if it appears on a site that the consumer already had a high degree of confidence in.”

Nearly half of the respondents said that sponsored content enhances the value of the experience on the business and entertainment sites, 45 and 44 percent, respectively. Only 27% say the same for news sites, however.

“In the survey, native ads were deemed ‘least useful for generating new brand awareness’ but were best suited for ‘established brands that seek to enhance and differentiate their image, deepen existing consumer relationships, [and] launch brand extensions,'” Kelly writes.

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