The Comment Rating Pro Plug-in Brings Your Content to Life

Comments update your content to users and search engines alike

Allowing comments on your blog posts and articles makes your content interactive and also allows your content to be constantly updated, especially to search engines.

When search engines notice more activity on your page, it makes the bots think your content is relevant, timely and of interest to readers. Because of this, your content may move up in search engine results pages, which increases the chances of more audience members to see it.

The Comment Rating Pro plug-in plays a close role in this scenario as it makes “user moderated content” possible. It does this by using simple light-weight AJAX javascript to allow visitors to rate comments. This Like or Dislike fashion helps users find content that is the most relevant to the larger audience as the votes are displayed with the comments.

Our Mequoda Gold Member clients have the opportunity to utilize all our approved plug-ins, which include Mequoda-specific ones created by our development team. If Mequoda Gold Membership is of interest to you, please contact me via email or by phone at (401) 293-0401 for more information.

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