There’s a New NYT Magazine Editor, Jake Silverstein

via NY Post

The New York Post reports that after a long search process, a new editor for NYT Magazine has been found. Jake Silverstein has been named the next editor-in-chief of the Sunday Magazine. Silverstein was the editor-in-chief of Texas Monthly Magazine.

Keith J. Kelly from the New York Post writes, “Executive Editor Jill Abramson announced the appointment at a Friday 3 p.m. meeting of magazine staffers, filling the post that had been vacant for four-and-a-half months.” It’s also clear that Abramson wishes to make the magazine more integrated with the Times news room.

Kelly adds, “Silverstein succeeds Hugo Lindgren, an editor who was put in the job in 2010 by Bill Keller, Abramson’s predecessor.”

You can read more about this story over on The New York Post. 

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