Wired Creates Innovative Netflix Ad

via Ad Age

via Ad Age

A multimedia ad designed by Wired for Netflix is giving The New York Times‘ “Snow Fall” a run for its money.

Anthropologist Grant McCracken penned a trend piece on the golden age of television for native placement on Wired.com, which Ad Age calls a “deeply immersive experience with text, charts, and video.”

“TV Got Better” includes interviews, a timeline of TV milestones, audio narration from McCracken, and a reader poll.

“It was a significant investment,” Wired VP Howard Mittman told Ad Age. “I think it really achieves our mission of building branded content that’s really just great content.”

Unsurprisingly, Wired is one of Condé Nast’s highest-performing properties when it comes to digital sales, earning more than half of its ad revenue online. Native content is a big part of that, with the brand launching Amplifi last year to produce it.

To read more about Netlflix’s “TV Got Better” ad on Wired, visit Ad Age.

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