5 Components of Successful Subscription Websites

These aspects will help your subscription website grow an audience and remain relevant to those consumers

Although there are different types of subscription websites, certain components belong in each of the separate archetypes to assure the correct result from the subscription website.

Now that subscription websites are turning into the core of online publishing companies, it’s important to create a subscription website that resonates with your target audience. It has to be filled with a great deal of valuable content that is updated regularly, and it has to show its reputability on the subject matter.

There’s no point in having a subscription if no one bothers to subscribe to it. The following components are necessary to the success of subscription websites.

5 components of subscription websites

Subscription website component #1: Strategic Intent: Website users are typically looking for information that interests them or an answer to a question that plagues them. Publishers on the other hand are strategically looking to sell products, generate ad revenue or build an email marketing list while supplying their target audience with valuable information.

To succeed in strategic intent, a website must meet the goals of both the publisher and the user.

Subscription website component #2: Email Capture: An email capture is the first step in building a relationship with your audience members. Offering free access to a website or a free product in exchange for an email address is a typical practice online publishers engage in.

Websites that aggressively offer email captures typically build email marketing lists quicker than websites that don’t offer, or hide, their email capture forms.

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Subscription website component #3: Community Building: Some of the most successful websites let their users generate the vast majority of their content. User generated content encourages users to continuously come back to the website. It also helps the website in organic marketing as it typically builds pages for each post generated by a user. An excess of community members also shows new visitors how active the community base is.

Websites that clearly engage their audience members and ask them to be active end up being the most successful subscription websites.

Subscription website component #4: Readability: Your print publication communicates with your audience through organized, uncluttered means; A successful subscription website should do the same. A good use of images, white-space and font size will help your website achieve a strong sense of readability. Keep these components in mind while developing mobile websites and apps as well.

Subscription website component #5: Content Freshness: One of the most desirable aspects of a subscription website is when the user gets what they pay for, and more. Continuously adding fresh content to a subscription website will encourage users to keep their subscription active. If a website does not have updated content it will likely bore visitors and drive them to a competitor. Furthermore, updated content means more repeat traffic to a website. Adding content daily is a good idea; adding fresh content hourly is an even better idea.

Subscription websites are playing a huge part in modern publishing. It’s becoming the digital nexus for a universal subscription access that users can get through a variety of mediums and devices. Now is the time to put some serious consideration into developing a subscription website.


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