A Simple Formula for Maximizing Landing Page Conversion Rates

Follow these simple landing page guidelines to start converting visitors into buyers more quickly and effectively

The easiest way to get a customer to complete a transaction on your landing page is to create a great looking landing page with an irresistible offer that is easy to complete.

As a general rule, commercial websites should use the “real estate” of their landing pages conservatively. Whether your strategic objective is to get the visitor to sign up for a free email newsletter, buy a product or start a trial paid subscription, your landing page needs to be tightly focused on a single intention—getting the reader to take action.

How many times have you visited a new website and been confused by what is being offered?

Often your mind reels from the possibilities. What should I read first? Where should I click now? What’s the deal here? How much does this product cost?

We strongly advise simplifying the offer by following these steps, in this order:

  • Simplify a Landing Page Step #1: Remove the clutter – More is less. Simplicity promotes clarity.
  • Simplify a Landing Page Step #2: State your promise.
  • Simplify a Landing Page Step #3: Describe your unique selling proposition.
  • Simplify a Landing Page Step #4: List the benefits.
  • Simplify a Landing Page Step #5: Reveal the price.
  • Simplify a Landing Page Step #6: And only then… ask for the sale.


Your website should create an immediate sense of comfort and well-being. Accomplish this by choosing a clean, efficient design with an easily discernible central focus. Use lots of white space, choose comforting colors and readable fonts. Avoid speckled backgrounds, unreadable type fonts and a bewildering assortment of buttons, animations, drop down or pop up menus and multiple frames.

Focus on the end goal and get them there as smoothly and cleanly as possible with minimal distractions.

For more information on maximizing landing page conversion rates, download our Landing Page Handbook: Creating Sales Letter Landing Pages that Sell.


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