Another Major Publication Set to Offer Digital Subscriptions

The Boston Globe is joining the digital revolution

Who’s next? The Boston Globe announced yesterday that the online version of their newspaper would be moving locations, from to, and switching to a paid subscription website model. This change will take place the second half of 2011.

For publishers to stay relevant, and in business, this trend will continue to happen with mainstream and niche publications throughout the coming years.

The article from Mashable that discussed this change mentioned how print subscribers will have full access to the online content. Others will have purchase either a print subscription or a digital-only subscription to receive the daily Internet content.

Furthermore, the publication is working on creating apps for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets like the iPad.

Since I can’t say I’m surprised, I will say that it’s surely a positive step in the right direction for online publishers. These kinds of steps in publishing were discussed earlier this month at the Mequoda Summit Boston 2010. I even recall Don Nicholas, the Executive Director of the Mequoda Group, mentioning how publishers will need to think deeply about how they are going to create offers for print and digital subscriptions together. Giving existing print subscribers free subscriptions to digital editions is one way, and the Boston Globe seems to be ready to do so.

For more on this monumental move, check out Mashable’s article on the subject.

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