Featured WordPress Plug-in: SexyBookmarks

Don’t let the name fool you – SexyBookmarks has proven to be an extremely useful plug-in for sharing content.

This plug-in works by displaying a series of customizable social media buttons that link to approximately 50 different options, including the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

These buttons adequately depict the desired social network visually, so users can easily click to share your content on the social network they prefer.

All content producers and providers are looking to have their information shared. Smart publishers start the process by providing great content and asking for additional thoughts, experiences or opinions. Smarter publishers go one step further by providing visual components, in addition to the textual call to action, to get their content shared throughout the net.

SexyBookmarks is a great, free option for WordPress websites that are lacking social integration with their content. You can download and install this plug-in and begin using it today if it meets your social networking needs.

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