Organic Landing Page Templates: The Author Landing Page

Author landing pages showcase your talent and boost SEO

An author landing page is a page dedicated to a particular author or editor on a website, listing all the content written by an author, usually in reverse chronological order. These pages came into existence when publishers started noticing on their internal search logs that a lot of traffic arriving at their site was coming in via organic search on one of their website’s authors.

So why not build a page dedicated to each of your site’s authors, listing all the content written by the author? Creating author landing pages is relatively simple.

The most frequently used method for collecting interesting bios of your staff is by asking your authors to create the bio themselves. Our research has proven that a picture of these smiling faces further builds a relationship with users. It personalizes their web experience.

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Search Engine Optimization

Every author or editor should have their own page. Adding all of them onto one page with no link to an individual page is not doing you any SEO favors. To optimize the conversion rate on your author landing pages, include any free reports or products that the author contributed to. You should also have a list of every article written by that person.

Use the author’s name several times so that when someone searches for an author or editor, your site comes up. The fact that most people have somewhat unique names makes these pages ideal for high rankings on search engines.

Here is an author landing page from for Kim Mateus: Author Landing Page Author Landing Page

Here is an author landing page from on Sarah E. White: Author Landing Page Author Landing Page

Here is the author landing page from Vida y Salud for Aliza A. Lifshitz, MD:

Vida y Salud Author Landing Page Author Landing Page


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