Personalize Your Landing Page and Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

For decades, direct marketers have been using personalization to increase direct mail response rates. When you send out a laser-printed sales letter with the prospect’s name in it, you gain his or her attention.

In a recent Mequoda Daily landing page review, expert copywriter and contributing editor Bob Bly points out that personalization works equally well online, yet your name doesn’t appear within the copy of most of the landing pages you click on. Glen Hopkins wants to change all that with Page Personalizer.

Page Personalizer is software that enables you to build personalized landing pages and websites. Here’s how it works:

  • The visitor enters his name and whatever information you require on a short preview page (also known as a squeeze page), usually with a free offer as an incentive to do so.
  • After entering his information, he clicks to get the free gift.
  • When he does, he is served a long-copy landing page or a new website selling an offer, and the copy on the page is personalized with the information he entered.

Hopkins sells his Page Personalizer on a landing page made with the very software he is marketing, so the landing page itself is a live demo of the system, making it extremely powerful.


Aside from Page Personalizer being a great tool and a sure-fire way to increase landing page conversion rates, there are a few extra tips throughout Bly’s landing page review:

  • The headline of Hopkin’s preview page is straightforward and direct—it works.Discover How to Instantly Increase Your Sales, Conversions, and Email Lists by Adding Our New Page Personalization Technology to Your Website.It clearly states the important benefits an Internet marketer cares about (sales, conversions, list building), offers us something new (new technology) and tells us what the method is (page personalization).
  • Hopkins’ superb copy for Page Personalizer is a textbook example of how to write effective copy without all that hype. It’s everything good copy should be: clear, enthusiastic, authoritative, friendly, conversational, warm, positive and utterly convincing.
  • Even if you’re not going to buy the Page Personalizer to personalize your websites, go to and submit your email address on the preview page.You’ll be served an aggressive series of email follow-up messages via autoresponder that attempt to convert you to a Page Personalizer buyer. And like the landing page itself, these are worth studying as best practice models of their genre.

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