Personalized Pages Boost Conversions

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It’s widely known that direct mail campaigns are more successful when written with personalized information. Using the reader’s full name in the from-line or their job title in the copy will usually boost response rates.

This is proving to be true for email and landing page marketing, according to marketing software company Naehas, Inc.

Naehas has developed software that provides users with personalized landing pages based on their clients marketing files, giving every user a unique page that speaks directly to them.

Raises Conversions, User Friendly

Naehas CEO and Chairman Rab Govil said that using personalized landing pages has shown 50 percent higher conversion rates over generic pages, just as personalized direct mailings show higher responses.

Naehas’ Landing Page Application can take “any information you have in a (marketing) file and can put it on the landing page,” Govil said.

Govil and Naehas Product Manger Marc Borget provided the Mequoda Daily with a demonstration of their Landing Page Application, and it seemed remarkably easy to use and loaded with metrics.

“We want marketers to create, host and measure their landing pages without any IT support. You should not have to call any engineer or IT person to help you do this,” Govil said.

Each campaign drives users to a landing page template where personal information is loaded into the relevant fields and users are urged toward conversion.

Once a campaign is initiated, marketers can watch metrics like unique visitors, clicks and conversions compile in real time—there is no waiting. They are also viewable on an individual or aggregate level.

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Runs Campaigns Large and Small

There is almost no limit to how many unique landing pages or sources of website traffic you can monitor, said Govil.

“We have financial services customers that, we run at any one time, they could have half a million landing pages. They do that every month,” Govil said.

The service costs anywhere from $2,000 to $25,000 a month, depending on factors like the number of pages tracked and how many campaigns are run, Govil said.

After securing several large financial clients and the United States Postal Service, Naehas will be targeting smaller businesses, particularly publishers, in the future, Govil said.

“Now we can provide this very complex level of functionality to a $1,000,000 company and they can have the same level of capabilities that only a large financial institution could afford before,” Govil said.

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